On October 22, 2022, at 9:04 a.m., the hotline received a report that the occupiers had hit private garages in Pervomaiske village of the Pervomaisk Territorial Community of the Mykolaiv region. At 10:27 a.m., firefighters extinguished the flames, which engulfed 7 garages on a total area of 150 square meters. 2 market pavilions were saved from the fire. At 09:50, the russian military launched a rocket attack on the electrical substation. Transformers caught fire in Pervomaisk district. The fire was extinguished at 14:55 on an area of 80 square meters. Almost simultaneously, an ammunition hit was recorded on the territory of an electric substation in the Mykolaiv district. According to the results of the reconnaissance, there are no victims, the degree of destruction is being ascertained by experts. On the night of October 23, at 01:40, the russian military struck a five-story residential building in another district of Mykolaiv. The rescuers helped the residents of the apartments to open the entrance doors that were damaged by the blast wave. During the reconnaissance, it was established that the apartment on the fifth floor was destroyed. The resident of the neighboring apartment was injured by broken glass. At 02:06, the occupiers continued their terror and struck the warehouse of one of the enterprises in Mykolaiv. At 02:50, the fire was extinguished on an area of 100 square meters.

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine