​​Mass burial of citizens in Borova district – police documents crimes of the Russian occupiers. According to preliminary data, at least 17 people were buried in the grave. Both civilian and military armed forces. Investigators recovered three bodies of servicemen on the first day of work. Residents of the village of Kopanky reported mass burial. Residents told the investigation that Russian occupiers collected the bodies of the dead throughout the area. On April 13th, they brought bodies in two trucks, dug a hole up to 3 meters deep with an excavator, and dumped all the bodies there. Then the burial place was leveled with tanks. – Preliminary, we have data on 17 bodies of the dead, but this may not be accurate – said the deputy head of the investigative department in the Kharkiv region, Dmytro Soima, – According to the locals, our guys retreated, died in battle and were buried here. Russians did not put a single mark on the grave and did not let the villagers do it. Only on Easter were people allowed to come to the cemetery and work at the mass burial site. People found three crosses, and in this way marked the perimeter of the grave, removed the weeds. All recovered bodies will be sent for forensic examination to determine the exact cause of death.

Source: Kharkiv Police

Source: Serhii Bolvinov

Source: Ukrainian Public TV