Shot by the Russian military almost at close range – Kharkiv investigators recorded another crime committed by the Russian army.

On March 7 a column of the Russian military entered Izium. Three men were approaching them in a car. Russian soldiers opened fire on the car with civilians inside. Three men – a father and son and their acquaintance died. On October 31 police officers of the unified squad removed the remains of the dead at the cemetery of the city of Izium. The youngest of the three dead persons turned 20 on February 24, the day the full-scale invasion of Ukraine was launched by Russia. His father was 46, their acquaintance was 56. After the shelling the car burned out and the remains of the dead were buried in the local cemetery by close friends. At the place where the car (Ford Transit) was shelled, a bank of a small river in which the car felt, as well as at the burial site, explosives experts, an investigative team and forensic subject matter experts were active. Another crime of the Russian army has been carefully documented.

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office