The Lukashenko’s regime handed over another 20 BMP-2 to the Russian Federation: the equipment left towards Luhansk On October 21, 2022, the 7th group of laden flatcars with reactivated military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus departed from the Urechye railway station (Minsk region, Belarus). This time, 20 BMP-2 units removed from conservation from the 969th base of the tank reserve went to the Volokonovka railway station (Belgorod region, Russian Federation) and further in the direction of Luhansk (Ukraine). The equipment arrived in the Belgorod region. October 24th. The itinerary of the echelon was as follows: Urechye (Belarusian railway) – Osipovichi-1 (Belarusian railway) – Mogilev-1 (Belarusian railway) – Orsha-Zapadnaya (Belarusian railway) – Osinovka (Belarusian railway) – Krasnoye (Russian railway) – Smolensk-Sorting (Russian railway) – Roslavl (Russian railway) – Bryansk- Lgovsky (Russian railway) – Kursk (Russian railway) – Stary Oskol (Russian railway) – Volokonovka (Russian railway). Thus, over the past month, the Lukashenko’s regime handed over to the Russian Federation: – at least 94 T-72A tanks; + 28 T-72A tanks removed on 28 October. – 36-44 Ural; – 20 BMP-2.

Source: Belarus Railway Community