The village of Novovoskresenske in the Kherson region was liberated from the Russian military on October 5. Life in the village is coming back to normal slowly, and some people have to fix everything themselves, Mykola, a local resident, said. The village was under occupation for half a year. During this time, several residents died of diseases, and some — from projectiles fragments wounds. “My father was injured in the summer. The house was badly damaged. In fact, half of the house is gone. There are many destroyed houses in the village”, – Mykola says. People are beginning to return to the village. Now there are about 500-550 residents. Before the war, there used to be about 1,600 people. There is no electricity or gas supply in the village, as the powerlines and water supply are damaged. According to Mykola, the school and the House of culture got the greatest destruction. Before the war, about 100 students studied at the school. The children came not only from Novovoskresenske, but also from the village of Petropavlivka.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV