Near the five-story building Russia destroyed in Izium, a friend of the dead Repin family set up a small memorial. On March 9, after the builing was attacked, about half a hundred people died at 2 Pervomaiska Street.

Liudmyla and Yurii Repin, as well as their son and Liudmyla’s mother, were killed, along with others, their neighbor Tetiana Chvalun said.

“A memorial to the Repin family was erected opposite the building entrance; they lived here on the 4th floor. They were a fine family. Liudmyla was working as an accountant, and Yurii – at a factory. Their son came to Izium when the Russian invasion began, he used to live in Kharkiv; he thought it would be better, things were easier here. And Liudmyla’s mother was here. The entire family died,” Tetiana says.

Liudmyla’s friend arranged the memorial: she brought photos, flowers and candles.
“Liudmyla and Yurii were always together, always smiling. The son was 28 years old. They were sporty, always on the move, jogging in the mornings, a perfect couple, a perfect family,” – the neighbor recalls.
According to Tetiana, Liudmyla’s friend is dealing with the the Repin family reburial and identification: they were buried in the cemetery anonymously, in numbered graves.

“The government was absent, the rescuers organized the work. People were buried wrapped in bed sheets, only later did black bags appear. People were buried, and numbers were allocated to the graves. The building is small, only 50 apartments, everyone knew each other. I knew everyone well,” says Tetiana.
Tetiana Chvalun has been living in the building for 22 years, her apartment was also destroyed.
She says, when she managed to get into what remained of her home, she found an unbroken crystal vase there.
“This area is the Nizhne Misto (the “Lower Town”), and it is completely destroyed. At first we stayed in the apartment, then – in a shelter at work. We were not ready. There was no evacuation. While the Verkhne Misto (the “Upper Town”) knew something, it was impossible for us to get out, we were left in a mousetrap,” – the woman says.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV