Tragedy in Yampil Zoo: how Russians have tortured animals during the occupation. At the end of September the village of Yampil in Donetsk region was liberated from Russian occupation. The ostrich farm and the Yampil zoo are located in Lyman district near the forest. Before the war people came here to see llamas, camels, wolves and of course ostriches. In May the village was occupied. After it was liberated volunteers immediately arrived there. “When we were planning to go to Yampil, locals asked us to hurry up – ostriches were running around in their gardens, many animals have died in cages and a llama was walking on the street.” It turned out that some of the animals miraculously left the farm, some were released by someone, and those who remained died there. Russian occupiers lived on the territory of Yampil and ate some of the animals. The zoo is full of bones and remains of dead animals. When people from “Vetmarket” arrived at the place they found a dead camel in the middle of the farm. Later all veterinarians who were shown the photo confirmed that the animal died of exhaustion.

Source: Vchasno.Ua