Several rocket explosions were heard in Kharkiv and the region on November 15. In various districts of Kharkiv and various cities and villages of the Kharkiv Region, electricity has disappeared. There is no water elsewhere. Trams, trolleybuses and the subway stopped in Kharkiv. Due to blackout, people are being evacuated from the underground Light, lively and loud, except on the roads. On the most difficult sections of the road, where the traffic lights have not been temporarily restored, the patrol officers carry out manual adjustments. “Should we be sad and hide? On the contrary, we are alive, you are alive and I am alive. Why should we be sad? Why do we live in Ukraine? We live in our country. It’s okay, the light will come today.” – says one of the Kharkiv entrepreneurs who continues to work despite the lack of light.

Source: Nakypilo

Source: Ukrainian Public TV