Another place where the Russian military tortured people was found in Kherson. Personal belongings of the prisoners were left in the cells here. On the walls are inscriptions from Russian propaganda and serifs, which were used to count the days. On the condition of anonymity, one of the men who was held in the detention center shared his story. According to him, the Russian military brought him there seven times, tortured him with electric shocks and regularly beat him, demanding that he collect information about the locals for them. At the same time, about 120-130 people were kept in cells. Roman Baklazhov, a resident of Kherson, said in a comment to ‘Suspilne Kherson’ that he was also kept in an isolation cell for two months and tortured with electric shock in order to beat out his testimony. They threatened to take him to the “DPR” where he would be shot. “I was electrocuted. There were burns. How was the interrogation? They start asking you questions. You answer them something. They say: “You’re f***ing lying to us,” which is their standard phrase, no matter how you answer them. And after that they electrocute you,” – Roman said. In the isolation cell, the TА-57 was also found. It is a field telephone device that could be used for electric torture. Chairs screwed to the floor were found there, too.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV