The villages of Staryi Saltiv and Khotymlia are located less than ten kilometers from each other on different sides of the Siverskyi Donets. The first was released by Ukrainian troops in early May, the second in September. The lives of both are recovering slowly: the lights have been fixed in the villages, but there are problems with heating. The bridge across the river is destroyed, residents are crossing to the other bank by boat. It is possible to go around, but it will be much longer and on a broken road. In particular, various volunteer organizations help residents to survive. In Staryi Saltiv, representatives of the Scottish charity organization Siobhans Trust prepare pizza for residents. Residents of Khotymlia receive humanitarian aid from the other side of Siversky Donets and load boxes into a car. Homes are heated with firewood, but many have run out of supplies. Drinking water is collected from the column. According to Volodymyr, a local resident, 700-800 residents remained in Khotymlia, currently people are returning little by little.

Source: Nakypilo