In November, 40-year-old Oleksandr, who spent 85 days in the Balakliia torture chamber which was located in the police department, came to the law enforcement officers. According to his words, on May 30th, two Russian occupiers approached his house. After checking his documents, they put a bag on his head, took him out into the field, and began to threaten him with death if he did not tell “where the ATO soldiers live.” They tried to intimidate Oleksandr in different ways – dug him into the ground, shot in the air, held a knife to his throat. Despite all this, he did not provide them with any information, so they took him to “a place where they know how to interrogate.” Oleksandr was thrown into the cell, where there were 6 other people – all local residents who were also caught by the Russians – former military personnel, entrepreneurs, participants of the anti-terrorist operation. On the 45th day of his imprisonment, he was taken for interrogation for the first time – representatives of the Russian Federation in masks, asking about the presence of military personnel and anti-terrorist forces in Balakliia, tortured Oleksandr with electric current – wires were attached to his thumbs and palms. They didn’t hear any answers from him, so they released him from the interrogation, and 40 days later – they let him go home, threatening that “they haven’t forgotten him.” Oleksandr left through the territory of the Russian Federation to Latvia, where he is now.

Source: Serhii Bolvinov