The Russian military do not stop shelling populated areas of the Beryslav district, destroying people’s homes, shops and educational institutions. The Russian mortars and long-range artillery are hitting the recently liberated Kherson 24 hours a day from the left bank of the Dnipro. Due to constant shelling by the Russian army, land in the Osokorivka village council was damaged; farmers did not collect this year’s harvest, and the sowing campaign for the 2023 harvest was disrupted on the area of ​​18,641 hectares. The “Korabel” microdistrict sustained significant damage: high-rise buildings were hit, windows and balcony frames in apartments shattered, and doors were knocked out by blast waves. A shop, a car service station, a car wash, a garage cooperative, and private houses were damaged; holes were formed in the asphalt pavement, cars were cut by projectile fragments, and trolleybus lines were cut. Few projectiles hit the territory of the shipyard.

Source: Kherson Region Police

Source: Ukrainian Public TV