On December 6, the police opened 30 criminal proceedings on facts of war crimes committed by the Russian army in the Kherson region. Russian troops massively bombarded the Beryslav and Kherson districts, fired artillery and multiple launch rocket system “Grad” at peaceful settlements. As a result of the attack, private houses, educational institutions and outpatient clinics were damaged. During the day, explosions were heard in Kherson; the Russian occupation troops from the left bank of the Dnipro river shelled the coastal areas of the city, the city center and a few neighbourhoods. Critical infrastructure facility was hit, a fire broke out, windows and doors in nearby residential buildings were blown out by the blast wave. Unfortunately, there are casualties among local residents. A 43-year-old employee of a utility company died from numerous wounds as a result of the shelling. In the village of Antonivka, a 50-year-old man was killed during mortar shelling by the Russian army, and another passerby was wounded. An elderly woman and a child with a disability were rescued from a house that was hit by shell fragments.

Source: Kherson Region Police

Source: Kherson Regional Administration