Currently, Kharkiv is a front-line city. At night, you can see the stars above the city, many stars – few people have seen so many in the city. While the absence of street lighting reached all cities of Ukraine just now, in Kharkiv street lighting was off since February 24. It is impossible not to feel the darkness that comes after sunset. The city is divided into two worlds: before and after sunset. The streets are dark due to light-masking, curfews and the absence of the moon. The eyes need a few minutes to adapt and the camera needs seven minutes to be able to take a shot. So the stars turn into long trails that look like rockets. Thus was born a series of photographs about the city, which froze in the dark waiting for the dawn. While Russian shells fall on the city at night, the Milky Way shines above it. Unbreakable Kharkiv stands and absorbs even the smallest source of light, which cuts through the darkness and gives hope for the dawn.

Source: onitshead