They told me: “You are not Ukrainian now, you are Russian”: the story of a Mariupol girl who stayed in Russia. The family of a schoolgirl Dominika Belaya was forced to escape from the destroyed Mariupol to Russia. But they could not live there and returned to their motherland Ukraine. The girl told Radio “Svoboda” about it. “They told me: “You knew that now you are not Ukrainian, but you are Russian.” I say: “Well, if the city may have been captured, it does not mean that I am Russian. I was born in Ukraine, in Mariupol. This means that I am Ukrainian,” the girl recalls. In the besieged Mariupol, she had to go through a lot of ordeals. Her brother was wounded, and her dog was killed. Dominika was struck by the cynicism of the Russians. “One guy tells me: ‘Russians don’t kill children.’ I say: ‘Then why is my brother wounded?’. And he answers: ‘He didn’t die.’ This country (Russia) is for war. They destroyed my hometown “, Dominika says painfully. Now the family is in their native land and is waiting for only one thing – to return to the free Ukrainian Mariupol.

Source: Mariupol City Counsil