Nine months after deoccupation. The black skeletons of the Borodianka high-rise buildings are still soaked in smoke, and the belongings of those who once had a family home here are scattered inside. People continue to cover the roofs, repair mutilated houses, restore order in the areas after the devastation left behind by the Russian army. For several weeks, some of the destroyed buildings have started to be demolished. The equipment is now working near the five- and nine-story buildings that were destroyed by airstrikes in the first weeks of the full-scale war. Someone stops to see how the wall of one of the apartments falls, someone silently walks past without even looking. Borodianka remains one of the most destroyed towns in Kyiv region. The shrapnel holes in the walls will remind of the occupation for a long time, so will the roads and paths with the tracks from tanks. But life goes on, and winter prevails over everything. Photo: Danylo Dubchak, Eva Fomycheva

Source: Donbas Frontliner