How Russians mock the history of Mariupol.
One of the main pearls of historical Mariupol is the house of the architect Nielsen, known as the “House with Lions”. At the moment, the occupiers, at the height of accusations about the destruction of the historical center (and the buildings on Mykolaivska St. in the very small historical center of the city are no longer there), have taken up restoration.
Again, how did you start? They just broke down all the walls inside and changed the sign with the name of the street.
But an interesting fact. As part of decommunization, the street was renamed from the stupid Engels to Nielsen. The architect of Mariupol, who exactly created his unsurpassed architectural style (the Tower is also his and not only). Now again, the neo-Soviet empire returned Engels. Actually, everything you need to know about the “historical memory of Russia”.

Source: Andriush Time