This is what hope looks like. The White Angels police are evacuating a large family from Bakhmut. Photographer Diego Herrera Carcedo (Spain). Hleb (8 years old), Myroslava (9 years old) and Dania (12 years old) live in their house basement that serves as a shelter in the center of Bakhmut. They are all very positive and open, but what surrounds them is hell. All the houses are broken; an explosion is heard every second. They come closer or further, on the outskirts. The Russian agressors use everything; shells, mines, “Grads”, cassette mines, missiles. Recently, the parents, Ania (31 years old) and Mykolai (31 years old), had to put out fire in their own block of flats entrance that started after a projectile hit. They also had to save a neighbor who lives with them in the basement from a heart attack. There is no light. Water and food are a problem. Children can not leave the basement for two days or more. The only exercise is running through the yards to the Point of Invincibility. There, there are volunteers, a generator, internet. Then you have to run back, before a projectile hits the area. The parents agreed with the volunteers about the possibility of moving. Bakhmut, winter 2022 Photo, video: Andrii Dubchak Donbas Frontliner

Source: Donetsk Region Police

Source: Donbas Frontliner