Occupied Mariupol is gradually turning into a military base. The priority in the construction of absolutely all large objects in the city is given to an official developers of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the “Military Construction Company”. During the occupation of the city, the company had already managed to build a huge medical facility, which was announced as a “Multifunctional Diagnostic Center”; in fact, it is a large military hospital, to which civilian patients are not accepted, except for special cases. This institution is easy to spot from the air, it has a huge inscription “Army of Russia” on one of the buildings. Also, this company takes an active part in the demolition of many buildings of the 3rd and 4th microdistricts, where housing for the military will be built. Locals who suffer at the hands of invaders receive only places in the cemetery. For example, the size of the Old Crimean cemetery has increased many times over the past few months, because everyone who disagreed with the actions and decisions of the occupiers found their last resort here.

Source: AFU StratCom