russia hit the territory of the Zaporizhzhia region with missile systems, tanks, heavy artillery and rocket-propelled grenade launchers – with cluster-type ammunition. As a result of the shelling in Huliaipole, about ten houses were damaged. Fragments of the projectiles cut the roofs, windows were blown out by the blast wave. As a result of the armed attack, a 60-year-old local resident was fatally wounded. In the village of Plavni, Vasylivka district, homesteads and household property were damaged. the Russians hit the peaceful streets of Komyshuvakha, Zaporizhzhia district, from MLRS “Hurricane” with ammunition loaded with cartridges. As a result of the hits, the villagers’ houses were damaged. It cut the slate on the roofs and gutted the windows of the houses. The police recorded the impact of S-300 missiles on the road surface between local dwellings. In nearby houses, windows and doors, roofs, facades, and fences were broken, and cars were damaged.

Source: Police Zaporizhzhia News