“…so our neighborhood was destroyed in 4 hours. Russians started at 12, finished at 16. Then, later in the evening, a rocket hit the backyard, look at this hole… …there is no firewood, so I drag the poplars that fall after the shelling here and I saw, chop…

…there are not many of us left, there are probably ten people in the neighboring houses. When they are shooting I want to leave, but she (points to his wife) doesn’t want to go. I cannot leave without her, so we will stay here. Most important for us now is to hold on until spring.

…when the house in trembling, it is scary. But when it trembles from the rocket that is fired from our side, it is scary, but I think about how scary it must be for those on the other side, and I get happy.

…they arrived (about the Armed Forces of Ukaine), we gave them coffee, everyone got a drink. So they came back later and brought us humanitarian aid to thank us.

…as those from the foreign legion arrived, once, twice, I looked at them to see if everyone was here. I have a good memory for faces. I worry about them.”

Source: Mykhal4enko