The Balakliia Clinical Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Hospital of the city of Balakliia in the Izium district was under the Russian occupation. The medical facility is located in a pine forest. There were many departments here – infectious, therapeutic, neurology, obstetrics, children’s, complex operations were performed, traumatology came to operate even from Kharkiv and the capital. Before the occupation of the city of Balakliia by Russian troops, the hospital was designed for 350 beds. The occupiers removed and destroyed almost all the equipment, all the beds. And finally, retreating, they fired at the hospital buildings. In order to establish the damage caused to the environment by the criminal military actions of the Russian military, the state environmental protection inspectors of the Kharkiv region conducted an inspection of the territory and buildings of the Balakliia Hospital. During the survey, the facts of land resources littering with waste plastic, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass and paper were established on an area of ​​more than 4,300 m2 in areas along 10 Zhovtneva Street and 25 Partyzanska Street in the city of Balakliia. The total damage caused to the environment in these territories amounted to UAH 249,691.68 thousand.

Source: State ecological inspection in the Kharkiv region