The policeman took this girl away from the site of the Russian S-300 hit. The injured child was taken to the hospital. A 10-year-old child, who was injured during a rocket attack on the market in Shevchenkove on January 9, may need the help of a psychologist. “It’s a very big psychological trauma, because being in the center of an explosion is not something she sees every day. It’s sudden, out of the blue, so the girl doesn’t have big injuries, but a big psychological trauma, which then maybe needs treatment in a psychologist,” said doctor-surgeon Yevhen Strelets. The child arrived at the hospital with head, neck and face injuries. “The child was examined, a surgical intervention was performed, the debris was removed. The child’s condition is satisfactory at the moment. She was first hospitalized in the intensive care unit, today she and her mother will be transferred to the surgical unit,” the doctor said. The child was operated on under general anesthesia. Doctors say that a lot of debris was removed from the girl’s body. Now the girl is conscious, she is in the hospital with her mother. According to the doctor, children with such injuries usually stay in the hospital for about a week.

Source: Volodymyr Tymoshko