On January 13, 2023, around 12 o’clock, the Russian occupiers shelled the residential sectors of the Dvorichna settlement of the Kupiansk district. Two women aged 59 and 64 died as a result of the shelling. Another 63-year-old civilian was injured. A 68-year-old local resident also suffered an explosive abdominal injury. According to preliminary data, the Russian military shelled the settlement with the Grad anti-aircraft missile system. During the day, the Russian troops covered the city of Kupiansk with artillery fire three times. An elderly man was injured during the Russian shelling. As a result of shelling and targeted attacks on the civilian sector of the city, walls and roofs of several houses were damaged, garages and fences, farm buildings were destroyed, and power lines were cut.

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Kharkiv Police