The “Baby” protected by infantry: Ukrainian soldiers rescued a young she-wolf in Bakhmut. When asked where this wonder came from, the infantry boys say that two months ago, after one of the bombardments of the city by the Russian occupiers, the animal came to the Ukrainian army position, “ArmyiaInform” journalists say. “At first we thought it was an ordinary dog and started fattening her because she was very thin. We gave her dogs food once or twice, and she began to come closer, – one of the soldiers says. – Then she got used to us, and would no longer shy away, as she did in the first weeks of acquaintance. That it was a wolf we have guessed, because the dogs, of which there are many here, run away from her. Probably, some wealthy people bought her when she was a puppy, as there was a “poor quarter” with mansions nearby. Maybe she lived there in a cage”. The fact that the animal spent its entire life “behind bars” also means that it is absolutely unadapted to wild life. It does not know how to hunt, as wolves do. It does not know how to dig through garbage cans, as dogs do. It was simply starving. The owners left, and the animal was entirely forgotten. We are currently looking for an opportunity to render this young she-wolf to animal rights activists. It would be a pity if such a specimen of fauna perished. We are in the battlefield every day, both us and her can be killed anytime. And it is not right.” Animal rights activists from Poltava volunteered to take in the animal. And now it is already on its way to Kharkiv, where it will be handed over to good hands.

Source: Vchasno.Ua