In the Kherson region, three more bodies of people killed by shelling of Russian troops during the occupation were discovered. The investigation established that the bodies belonged to three Posad-Pokrovske village residents, one of whom was a woman. They died on different days, but the circumstances were the same: enemy shells hit residential buildings or near them, as a result of which civilians received injuries incompatible with life. All of them were buried in homesteads. The first case occurred on March 15, a 69-year-old man was fatally wounded. Three days later, a 44-year-old woman died as a result of shelling. And on October 30, under similar circumstances, a 74-year-old local resident received fatal injuries. All the victims were buried by their fellow villagers in the plots of their own homes. On January 16, investigators exhumed the bodies. The corpses were sent for forensic examination.

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office