The Russian army concentrated fire on 16 settlements. The towns of Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Kurakhove, Lyman, Toretsk, Chasiv Yar, the town of Velyka Novosilka, Nelipivka, the villages of Krasnohorivka, Vesele, Ivanivske, Vremivka, Karlivka, Neskuchne, Pleshchiivka, and Khromov were targeted by the Rashists. The occupiers struck with aircraft, “S-300” air defense systems, “Grads”, “Uragans”, artillery, mortars, and tanks. 29 civilian objects were destroyed and damaged: 25 residential buildings, premises of a penal colony, a non-working electrical substation, a gas pipe, a car.

Source: Donetsk Region Police