The situation with animals in Bakhmut is on the verge of disaster. Despite the fact that volunteers, the military, and even local residents constantly feed the half-feral dogs and cats, the number of homeless animals exceeds the resource to feed or shelter them. Some of the dogs, not understanding the danger and already used to the sounds of explosions, run to ground zero and feed on corpses. They are getting killed by shrapnel even in the middle of the city centre. Due to the constant shelling of the city, the amount of garbage on the streets has increased incredibly, which means that the city is full of field mice and rats, which became the main diet of cats. Carcasses of animals gouged out by crowns’ eyes lie just on the pavement. Some of them are lying with a hole from shrapnel, some were knocked down by the debris of a building, and some were hit by a car, probably in search of something to eat.

Source: Peter Batanov