On January 21 and 22, the occupying forces bombarded the territory of Zaporizhzhya, Polohy, and Vasylivka districts with anti-aircraft missile systems, barrel artillery, mortars, and multiple rocket systems of the cluster type. As a result of the attack, two residents of Polohy district suffered mine-explosive injuries and were hospitalized. Windows, roofs and facades of 10 houses were broken by the blast wave. Fences, yards, cars, power lines, and gas pipelines were also damaged. The Russians targeted the territory of Komyshuvakha and the village of Zarichne in Zaporizhzhya with cluster-type “Smerch” rocket launchers. The outbuilding on the farm and a residential building were damaged by the blast wave and debris from the high-explosive fragmentation projectile. In Stepnohirsk, artillery shelling damaged two private houses, a yard and parked vehicles. Once again, the occupiers caused significant damage to the residents of Polohy district. In two days in Huliaipole, Russian troops destroyed 27 houses, damaged property, outbuildings and garages, and cars. Also, in residential multi-apartment buildings, the blast wave knocked out windows and cut the facades of the buildings.

Source: Police Zaporizhzhia News