On January 26, around one o’clock in the morning, the armed forces of Russia shelled the city of Kupiansk, damaging a private house. In addition, the car burned down. There are no casualties. At 6 o’clock in the morning, the Russian troops shelled Kupiansk again. The shells hit an open area near a residential building. Garages were on fire. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties. A man and a woman were killed as a result of shelling of private houses in the village of Dvorichna in the Kupiansk district. According to preliminary data, the Russian occupiers hit Kupiansk with a S-300 missile. In addition, on January 26, at 12:49 a.m. Kozacha Lopan, town of the Derhachi united territorial community, was shelled from the territory of the Russian Federation. Due to shell explosions, several private houses and a vehicle were partially destroyed. A 69-year-old disabled woman, who lived in this house, was found injured under the rubble of the structures of one dilapidated house and hospitalized. Prefatory, the Russian military fired on Kozacha Lopan with the “Grad” anti-aircraft missile system. In Vovchansk, a 60-year-old local woman was injured as a result of shelling. The explosions damaged a number of private residences and an apartment building, and a fire broke out in a commercial establishment.

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Kharkiv Police

Source: Head of Kharkiv Military Administration

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine