Policemen saved the life of a man who due to shelling came under rubble. A 60-year-old resident of the city of Kupiansk went out into the yard in the morning, and at that moment the russian occupiers hit the settlement with barrel artillery. Ammunition hit the man’s home and damaged the house, the garage, and the car. The owner himself ended up under the rubble. It happened on February 1, around 7:00 a.m. The police received information that a person may be under the rubble of a house. Police officers and rescuers went to the scene immediately. After several hours of clearing the debris, the law enforcement officers found the owner of the house. The man received a mine-explosive injury and a shell-fragments wound. The victim was evacuated and taken to the medical team. The employees of the investigative and operative group, together with explosives experts, inspected the scene, documented the crime, and collected physical evidence. The remains of a 152-mm projectile were recovered.

Source: Kharkiv Police