Hiding computers in cellars: the lyceum in Lebiazhe, Kharkiv region, was fired upon three times by the Russian occupiers. The Russian troops shelled the lyceum in the village of Lebiazhe, Chuhuiv district — in winter and summer. The number of children studying at the institution has almost halved. “For the first time, the institution was damaged on February 27. And the second time – there was a large airstrike at night from February 28 to March 1. Poleva Street was immediately destroyed. And all the glass of our educational institution was broken by the blows,” Antonina Sereda, the institution head teacher says. “When there was an attack from February 28 to March 1, the gym, dining room and the other side of the building were damaged. Then the projectiles flew onto the stadium,” – the head teacher says. For the third time, the russian occupiers shelled the facility in the summer. “At the end of August already, the premises of the primary school were damaged by two blows. All the equipment for the “New Ukrainian school” reform project was there. And part of the lobby and the Ukrainian language and literature study were damaged,” – Antonina Sereda says. “After the first blows, we were still trying to save something. We hid the computer class equipment in the basements. When classes resumed, we used this equipment,” – the lyceum head teacher recalls. The Ukrainian language and literature class was the most affected by the shelling, the head teacher says: “And the flag remained undamaged, our state symbol. Ukraine is above all!” “Our institution was renovated by means of the Chkalovske community. The institution was insulated, the heating was replaced. Modern toilets were made, and water supply established. The furniture for the classrooms was purchased,” – Sereda says. “Multimedia equipment, furniture — everything in this classroom has been more or less preserved. We made repairs in the summer before the war, replaced the floor with modern tiles. The children were happy, the children liked it. We worked. But we hope that we will rebuild everything,” – the lyceum head says. Before the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine, 139 students attended the lyceum, the headmaster says. Currently, 98 students are studying at the institution.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV