As the russian offensive continues, Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers evacuate immobile patients from the hospitals of the Donetsk region. They transport them from the hospital to a “Doctors Without Borders” medical train that evacuates patients to safer regions of Ukraine. One of the evacuees is Svitlana Truba, from Sloviansk. “I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave Sloviansk. My heart is breaking. I’m leaving it behind. God, please help Sloviansk, God please help Ukraine, help all of us,” – she said. “It’s very important to evacuate people from this region. The fighting still continues, and it’s wintertime. It’s dangerous and cold. The heating networks are getting destroyed,” – Oleksandr Lavreniuk, chief of the Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers’ quick response team, said. Ukraine’s presidential office said on 14 February that Russian shelling killed at least three civilians, and wounded another eight over the previous 24 hours, as fighting continued in the south and east. Ukraine’s officials also reported intense shelling and air strikes in Luhansk region, while in the south of Ukraine russian forces shelled the city of Kherson 13 times over 24 hours, destroying a railway and residential buildings.

Source: Mstyslav Chernov