On April 13, the Russian army once again shelled residential districts in Kherson and the region. The Russian occupiers used multiple launch rocket systems, mortars, artillery, UAVs and aviation against the civilian population. In the village of Zmiivka, Beryslav District, the Russians targeted a school building with guided aerial bombs. Unfortunately, due to the Russian attack, a 62-year-old manager of the household, who was in an educational institution, died on the spot. Another man, a 55-year-old school guard, was wounded. In Kherson, Russian artillery struck the Dnipro district of the city. The Russian forces targeted one of the parks. As a result of Russian shelling, a man who was in the epicenter of the shelling received mortal injuries. At least two civilians were injured and hospitalized. The houses of civilians were damaged by enemy fire. Also, the Russian soldiers dropped explosives from a drone on the police car patrolling the territory of the village of Novoberyslav. One law enforcement officer was injured, his life is not in danger.

Source: Kherson Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Kherson Region Police