On April 14, army of the Russian Federation made an attack on populated areas of Kherson and Beryslav districts. On the objects of residential and energy infrastructure, the army of the Russian Federation uses rocket salvo systems, artillery, mortars, UAVs and aviation. As a result of shelling, there are wounded in the village of Bilozerka, the village of Vesele and the village of Olhivka. The Russians carried out airstrikes on the city of Beryslav, targeting the territory of a farm and a sunflower oil production company. At least 47 residential buildings were damaged around the sites of the explosions of guided aerial bombs, the city and surrounding villages were left without electricity. The Russian troops subjected the city of Kherson to massive shelling. The occupiers tried to destroy infrastructural facilities, aimed at the territory of the river port, peaceful residential quarters of the center, the Korabel neighborhood and the suburbs. Apartments in high-rise buildings, private houses and cars were damaged by shells.

Source: Kherson Region Police