On April 27, 2023, at 01:05 a.m., Russian troops attacked the city of Mykolaiv. As a result, a 45-year-old man died, 23 local residents, including two children, received injuries of varying severity. They were taken to a hospital, where qualified medical care is provided. 82 private houses and 31 apartment buildings, two administrative buildings, an educational institution, a historical building, a museum and a kindergarten. 7 private houses were almost completely destroyed. According to preliminary data, the Russian army made 4 strikes with Kalibr missiles. As a result of the missile strike, the Raketne Urochyshche microdistrict was cut off. Networks of various voltage classes suffered considerable damage. In the evening, power workers managed to restore power to the affected area.

Source: Mykolaiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: National Police

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine


Source: Senkevich Online

Source: Senkevich Online

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: Prestypnosti NET

Source: NikVesti

Source: Mykolaiv Power Company