On May 3, the Russian military shelled Kherson 22 times, using 112 shells. The Russian army bombarded the city with artillery, rocket salvo systems, aviation and UAVs in residential neighborhoods and places of crowding. Under fire were: construction hypermarket, railway station, gas station, supermarket, residential buildings; the army of the Russian Federation beat the policemen, medics and rescuers who provided assistance to the victims. As a result of brutal and chaotic shelling, about 48 people, including 2 children, received injuries and wounds of varying degrees of severity. 17 people died: 3 employees of a construction hypermarket, 4 visitors to a supermarket, 3 employees of an energy company, a car driver who was hit by shrapnel while driving, citizens who died in their homes and yards.

Around 11 o’clock, the russian forces struck the construction hypermarket Epicenter. 3 people died and 5 were injured during the shelling of the only working construction hypermarket in the city, now it stops its work. At lunchtime, powerful volleys again swept through the city. 6 fires broke out due to enemy flights. One of the rocket-propelled grenades landed on the territory of the railway station, causing a passenger car to catch fire and completely burn. Also, a fire broke out on the territory of one of the city’s factories. A gas station located not far from the station also came under fire. 4 people died and 13 were injured.

At around 2:30 p.m., Russian troops again fired at civilian objects in Kherson with anti-aircraft missiles, hitting a supermarket on Myru Street and nearby buildings on Kulyk Street and Beryslavske Highway. As a result of this terrorist act, 26 citizens were injured in this place alone, including two children. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save 7 lives.

The Russian occupiers continued their terror in the evening of May 3. Russian shelling caused fires in a residential building and an auxiliary building of a non-working enterprise in the territory of the Kherson community. Also, during the day, between the villages of Stepanivka and Muzykivka, a brigade of energy workers came under enemy fire. Three employees of the energy company died from their injuries. As a result of another air strike with guided bombs in the village of Kizomys, 8 residential buildings were damaged. A 47-year-old man died in his own yard during enemy shelling in the village of Tokarivka. The occupiers fired at a cottage cooperative in the village of Ivanivka, Beryslav district, as a result of which a 62-year-old man was wounded in his own house. In the morning, a man died from the shelling of the Dariivka community of the Kherson region.

Source: Kherson Region Police

Source: Kherson Region Police

Source: Serhii Kruk

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Source: Kherson Prosecutor’s Office

Source: President Zelenskiy

Source: Andrii Yermak

Source: Khersonska ODA

Source: Police Zaporizhzhia News