The Russian army once again attacked Kherson region with rocket salvo systems, artillery, mortars, UAVs and aviation. The communities of Beryslav and Kherson districts were under massive Russian attack, the Russians targeted civilian objects, carried out an air strike with guided aerial bombs on the territory of Odradokamianka village and an enterprise in Kozatske village. The Russian troops attacked the city of Beryslav from drones, launching grenade shots on residential quarters. A policeman was injured, and an official car was mechanically damaged as a result of the explosion.. Russian troops shelled Kherson around the clock, trying to destroy infrastructure facilities. In the city, Russian shells damaged private and high-rise buildings, cars and road surfaces. In Antonivka village, a school, at least 16 private houses, cars and gas pipelines were damaged after a shelling; two local residents were injured.

Source: Kherson Region Police