17,000 buildings and infrastructure facilities were damaged and destroyed in the Izium district as a result of Russian shelling. 16 secondary education institutions and six kindergartens were completely destroyed. Destroyed bridges and infrastructure The Russian occupiers left behind a lot of garbage, the infrastructure in Balakliia, Izium and Borova was destroyed.

“We continue to restore electricity supply in some settlements. After the deoccupation, the provision of medical services was resumed. Four hospitals are working, and all dispensaries in the Izium district have resumed their work,” says Maselskyi. 22 bridges were destroyed on the territory of Izium district, four of them in Balakliia . “The Borova community was completely cut off from transport connections. It was restored in the shortest possible time. As of today, capital construction of the destroyed bridges is underway,” says Stepan Maselskyi. 25% of schools in the Izium region were completely destroyed According to Stepan Maselskyi, in the schools of the Izium district, teaching took place remotely after the deoccupation. “16 out of 63 secondary education institutions were completely destroyed, which is 25% of the total number, 37 were damaged, another 10 need minor repairs. Six of the 52 kindergartens were destroyed, 29 were damaged, and another 13 are in need of ongoing repairs,” says Stepan Maselskyi. The most mined settlements of the Izium district The most mined settlements in the Izium district are those where the front line passed, says the head of the Izium RVA. “The front line started from the Balakliia community and ended in Borova. It mainly ran along the Siverskyi Donets river. Where the fighting took place, everything was mined. This is part of the Oskil and Izium communities — Kamianka, Dovhenke, Virnopillia, Topalske, Zavody, Chepil, Husarivka, Oskil. There are a lot of “petal” mines scattered around, on which people are most often blown up,” says Maselskyi. “The pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service are working. In the six months of 2023, about 30,000 explosive objects were defused in the Izium district. Mines have decreased. There is no need to go into the forests, go into fields that have not been inspected by sappers. People have been warned about this. Every week there are cases of mines detonation,” says the head of the Izium district administration. “The dynamics of shelling are unclear” Izium district continues to be under shelling even after the deoccupation, says Maselskyi. “The last time Balakliia was hit with a Tornado anti-aircraft missile on the private sector. One local resident was killed, nine people were injured. The purpose of this attack is unclear. Izium was attacked with drones, probably they wanted to scare people, damage the premises of the police and the Military Commissariat.” — says the head of the Izium district administration. According to him, due to the fact that the front line passes next to the Borova community, shelling continues every day.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV