On July 4, around 1:30 p.m., the Russian military launched a rocket attack on a residential neighborhood in the city of Pervomaiskyi. According to preliminary data, with an Iskander missile. The Russian munition fell near a high-rise building. As a result of the Russian terrorist shelling, 43 were injured. Among the wounded there are 12 children. The youngest are 3 and 9 months old, one baby is 1 year old, and another child is under 3 years old. As of the morning of July 5, 7 people remain in regional hospitals. Five victims are being treated in a moderate condition, almost all of them have shrapnel wounds. A 10-month-old child arrived with a cut wound on the parietal part of the head. As a result of the destruction, nearly 2,000 residents of multi-storey buildings were left without proper living conditions. A Russian missile strike in Pervomaiskyi damaged 16 residential buildings, a kindergarten, a school, a cultural center and the city hall.

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Kharkiv Oblast’s Police

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: Oleksandr Magula

Source: BBC News Ukrainian


Marfa Kalyuzhna, a 95-year-old resident of Pervomaiskyi, has several scratches. “We laid down to rest at lunch – the children and I with them. It suddenly roared! Everything flew. The windows were broken, the doors – there were none left. I have no injuries, everything turned out so luckily, a few scratches on my legs from the glass. Everyone was scared, there was stress, of course. Balconies were blown off, windows were blown off,” says the pensioner. Marfa has a daughter and grandchildren, she has lived in Pervomaiskyi all her life. “I’ve been through everything. I’ve seen the Holodomor, collectivization, war. I already know all the wars, but that one [World War II] was not like that. In that war, wherever there were partisans, they killed them; wherever there were none, they did nothing. Houses were set on fire, then they were under straw and reeds, but they did not bomb villages, (…) like these Russians – there is no one anywhere and they bomb,” says the woman.

16-year-old Lisa Herasymova was at home at the time of the attack: on the eighth floor of the building near which the rocket hit. Already injured, she ran to look for her kitten: “I was eating, and I heard something fly. I didn’t even have time to react. I ran into the corridor, I was very scared. The window flew into my ear, we had to sew it up. Now everything is stable, nothing serious . I’ll go for a bandage tomorrow. Psychologically, it’s very hard. The sounds are loud, they scare me right away. Physically, I feel good.” Now everything is fine with Lisa and the animal.

82-year-old Myroslav Cherkovskyi met four guests from Berlin on the day of the shelling. “We just set the table, sat down, just got up say “Cheers”, and then it hit us. Glass everywhere: both in the kitchen and in the hall. The balcony broke. It was terrible. Guests from Berlin didn’t even bite anything, they ran away and went to Kharkiv. We are waiting for help with repairs, we need thousands of hryvnias. Everything was covered with packaging film, we spent the night at home- it was cold at night without windows,” says Myroslav.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV