Around 1:20 p.m. on July 6, the Russian army hit a residential building and a grocery store in the city of Kherson. A 41-year-old woman received minor injuries, another man was hospitalized in a moderate condition. A grocery store also came under Russian fire. A 39-year-old saleswoman was diagnosed with a concussion, her life is not in danger.

Also, in one of the villages of the Novoaleksandrivska community, near the point of delivery of humanitarian aid, the Russian military dropped explosives from a drone, and a local woman was injured. In the evening, Russian troops attacked a village in Beryslav district, a local resident was injured. According to preliminary data, the Russian shelling of the peaceful settlement was carried out by guided aerial bombs. As a result of shelling, objects of civil infrastructure and motor vehicles were damaged.

The Russian occupiers carried out airstrikes on the village of Zmiivka, where private houses were damaged, and a 45-year-old local resident was injured. The villages of Vysoke and the village of Inhulets were under a rocket attack by the Russians, residential buildings were damaged by explosions, a school building was destroyed, and an 82-year-old woman was injured. In the village of Kizomys, greenhouses burned down due to Russian shelling. As a result of artillery shelling in the village of Priozerne, two women were wounded, one of them had a traumatic amputation of her left hand, her condition is serious. The Russian military covered the village of Zolota Balka with artillery fire and dropped ammunition from a UAV on residential areas. As a result of the explosions, a car was damaged, and a 62-year-old woman was injured. During the artillery shelling of the village of Tekstilne and the village of Antonivka, four residents were injured, a shop and houses were damaged. As a result of the Russian shelling, a field with wheat on an area of ​​10 hectares caught fire near the village of Komyshany.

Source: Kherson Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Kherson Region Police

Source: Oleksandr Prokudin

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Source: Ukrainian Public TV