On the night of July 7, the Russian military launched rocket attacks on populated areas in the Darivka and Tiahynka communities of the Kherson region. The Russian occupiers targeted a school and the territory of a private house in the village of Inhulets. Previously, at the rocket strikes sites, law enforcement officers found rockets that corresponded to the type of rockets of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile complex. Russians launched airstrikes on the village of Kozatske and the village of Vesele in the Kakhovka district. Powerful explosions almost destroyed a factory shop; the roof, windows and doors were destroyed there. They also damaged a cultural monument and residential buildings. In Kherson, the coastal zones, the Korabel microdistrict, and Antonivka are under almost constant Russian fire.

Source: Kherson Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Kherson Region Police

Source: Khersonska ODA

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine