During the night of July 19, Russian troops attacked Odesa and the region with missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. Also during the night, the Russian armed forces used a coastal missile system from the temporarily occupied Crimea and hit Odesa with “Oniks”, and the strategic aviation struck with Kh-59, Kh-22 missiles. Simultaneously with the missile attack, the Russians launched “Shahed-136” drones in the south.

Kh-59 was shot down on approach to the coast and fell in one of the quarters of Odesa, creating a large gap, several buildings were damaged by the blast wave. In the Odesa and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi districts of Odesa region, private houses, farm buildings and cars were damaged. Three civilians were injured. In the Odesa district, an industrial facility was hit, where a civilian employee was injured, and two warehouses in different locations were hit – with tobacco and fireworks.

“Oniks” and Kh-22 were directed by Russians at the port and critical infrastructure. It hit the grain and oil terminal in the ports of “Odesa” and “Chornomorsk”, damaged tanks and loading equipment, started a fire with an area of ​​3,000 square km. 60,000 tons of grain were destroyed in the Chornomorsk port. The grain, which was destroyed by the Russian army, had to be loaded onto a large-tonnage ship and sent through the grain corridor. The grain infrastructure of international and Ukrainian traders and carriers Kernel, Viterra, CMA CGM Group was the most affected.

Also, due to the Russian attack, an industrial facility, warehouses and trading pavilions of the industrial goods market, shopping centers, high-rise buildings of residential complexes, cars, administrative buildings of the district prosecutor’s office and one of the Odesa district courts, as well as adjacent buildings were damaged and destroyed. One of the Odesa cemeteries was damaged. There was an 11-meter gap at the place of impact. It is not known exactly how many graves of Odesans were completely destroyed, no less than a dozen, and about 50 more buried were damaged by the shock wave. Around the funnel are torn fences, demolished tombstones and twisted metal crosses mixed with fallen trees.

At least ten civilians were injured, including a 9-year-old boy as a result of Russian massive attack.

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