On July 21, the Russian army once again attacked the Kherson region with rocket salvo systems, artillery, mortars, aviation and UAVs. The Russian militaries attacked the village of Kozatske in the Kakhovka district, the road surface was damaged by the explosions, and once again the agricultural enterprise was under the Russian attack. The residential quarters of Kherson were continuously fired by the Russian army. With various types of weapons, the Russian armed forces attacked country houses along the coast, the area of ​​the road bridge, the territory of the factory, and the objects of life support of the population. In the city center, coastal and residential areas, apartments in buildings, building facades and garages were damaged. The Russian army shelled a school in Zolota Balka. At least seven hits were recorded in the peaceful settlement. The gymnasium of a local educational institution was damaged due to the Russian strikes.

Source: Kherson Region Police