Welcome to the storage of video and photo evidence of Russian aggression in Ukraine.


The material may be used by the international mass media, professionals collecting evidence for the criminal prosecution at the International Criminal Court in Hague or other tribunals under Ukrainian law, as well as by anyone following the news about the Russia-Ukraine war.

All videos and photos are taken from open sources with reference to the source or author. We use official channels, press services of government officials, regional media, news agencies, individual journalists and photographers.

Our mission is to provide a visual record of the human cost of this conflict and to raise awareness about the impact of Russian aggression on the Ukrainian people. To ensure easy navigation through the content we have created a sophisticated tagging system and allowed search by keywords, dates and locations. By providing access to our media library, we hope to support efforts to bring an end to the violence and to promote justice for those affected by the conflict.

The materials in our database come from 342 sources, each contributing unique evidence of Russian aggression across six distinct categories:

  • bombing and shelling
  • civil resistance
  • life at war
  • occupation
  • russian military equipment and army
  • personal stories
  • destroyed cultural heritage


State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affair of Ukraine, Kherson Regional State Administration, Head of Sumy Regional State Administration, Suspilne Media, Zaborona Media, UNIAN, Ukrainska Pravda, STB, Ukraine Now News, Radio Svoboda, Operativno ZSU, UkrInform, Censor Net, Gazeta UA, OpenTV, Kharkiv Life and others.

Currently, we are a team of nearly 20 volunteers who dedicate 4-5 hours a day to sourcing and verifying evidence, adding tags and subtitles to videos, filling the database, and publishing articles on our website. Our media library now contains over 35,000 photo and video materials. We are united by our commitment to justice and our belief in the power of visual evidence to make a difference.

Our Team of Volunteers:

Leader  – Volodymyr Borodianskyi

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Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the issue of documenting Russian aggression in Ukraine. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for how we can improve our collection of evidence, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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